8. marca 2017


The Early Medieval Forum (Fórum včasného stredoveku) took place on the 3rd of February in the Archaeological museum in Bratislava. The aim of this event was […]
8. februára 2017

Fórum včasného stredoveku (Early Medieval Forum) – report

Dňa 3.februára 2017 sa v Archeologickom múzeu v Bratislave konalo komorné diskusné fórum pod názvom Fórum včasného stredoveku (Early Medieval Forum). Podujatie malo združiť záujemcov o rekonštrukciu […]
4. decembra 2016

Early medieval Petersen type H sword from Smolenice, Slovakia – reconstruction

After deciding to aquire a new, historicaly accurate sword for my reenactment activities, I was seeking an appropriate finding best suited for my region and period of […]
1. decembra 2016

Early medieval forum / Fórum včasného stredoveku (FVS)

   The Early medieval forum / Fórum včasného stredoveku (FVS) will take place February 3, 2017 in Archaeological Museum of the Slovak national museum in Bratislava, […]